5 safety tips for traveling abroad

5 safety tips for traveling abroad.

When you start traveling to other countries you will fall into one of these two categories: You will become extremely trusting of everyone, you will believe that they are all your friends and they are there to help you or quite the contrary, a paranoid believing that all they want is to kidnap you and hurt you.
The truth is that neither of them. Not everyone wants to be your friend but not everyone wants to hurt you. It will always be a midpoint, with a very pronounced inclination towards the kind of people.
So it is important to always keep in mind a couple of safety tips when traveling to Europe, Asia, Africa, or anywhere in the world.

Here are 5 safety tips for traveling abroad:

Most of these travel safety tips may seem obvious or common sense, but they say that common sense is the least common of the senses so it is worth remembering them.

Travel Safety Tip # 1 – Always look around you.

It doesn’t matter that the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, Machu Pichu, Angkor Wat or any other monument is before your eyes, if there is a crowd observing the same thing, don’t forget to look around from time to time.
Many people take advantage of these little moments of tourist perplexity to make their own, so do not let that happen to you. You do not need to be suspicious of everyone around you, just a little glance over your shoulder will suffice.
A security study revealed that a thief will avoid attacking the people who are most alert to their environment, so your first security tip for traveling abroad is to develop the habit of looking around you.

Travel Safety Tip # 2 – Do not act or look like a victim.

Continuing with this same study (to see the complete study click here, in English) people select their victims due to certain traits, including why they walk or act as victims.
I am a certified Krav Maga trainer and in every course I teach I always repeat the same thing, when you walk on the street do not act as victims even if you are dying of fear.
If you appear to be a person who is at least going to resist an attack, chances are they won’t attack you. If I am a thief, why choose someone who will fight if I can choose someone who is easier to assault? Which brings me to point 3.

Travel Safety Tip # 3 – Let it go.

If you were one of the unlucky ones that despite following steps 1 and 2 assaulted you, then let it go.
Nothing is as valuable as your life, so if someone asks you for your money, wallet, cell phone, computer, etc., give it to them and don’t resist.
Chances are, the thief will not look for trouble and walk away once he gets things, so it is better to act calm and give in.
Even I who have self-defense training, if I find myself in an assault situation, I will calmly give up my stuff. I don’t want any kind of fight, it’s not worth it.
Also, if you contracted the same travel insurance that I use, you will be covered in these cases, so why worry?

Travel Safety Tip # 4 – Set aside your money

I have a specialized article on how to save money when I travel, and this is a travel safety tip that you should not forget: never put all your eggs in one basket.
If any eventuality happens, like a robbery, you can be sure that you have not lost anything and you can still continue traveling.
When I was living in Madrid my wallet was stolen and although I had the full month’s rent, the most annoying thing was having to replace the cards or find a way to withdraw money, so if you follow my advice on how to save money, you will have no problems.

Travel Safety Tip # 5 – Close your bag or backpack at all times.

When you are in a foreign country everything you see around you is new and surprising and more than once you will want to get the camera out of your bag or backpack as fast as you can to take a photo but it is likely that at that moment you will forget to close the bag again.
Most of the lost things of the travelers are because they are not careful about re-closing their bags and it does not mean that they have been stolen, simply walking is more than enough for some of your things to hit the streets without you noticing.
Create a habit of constantly checking that your bag and backpack are closed and you will see that you will not lose anything again. This behavior I have seen especially in Europe, so as a safety tip for traveling to Europe: Close your backpack.

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