5 safety tips for traveling abroad (II)

Travel Safety Tip # 1 – Don’t put your wallet behind

Closing the bag is important, but what about men? The recommendation is simple, load the wallet in the front pants bags so you will know where you have it at all times.
Try to generate this habit since you are at home so it will be easier for you when you are traveling, with the time you will realize that it is not only safer but also more practical.

Travel Safety Tip # 2 – Scan all your documents.

Passport, birth certificate, national medical expenses insurance and international medical expenses insurance, driver’s license, national identification, military service card (if you have one), proof of residence, etc.
Scan them, save them in your email, send a copy of that email to your parents or best friend, and also save an additional copy in a USB to have them at hand at all times.

Travel Safety Tip # 3 – Know a little about the most frequent scams of the place where you go.

Each region has a scam that characterizes it, in another article I will talk about them but before traveling try to inform yourself. Most involve children who steal your wallet while you give them candy or take a photo with them, others are more elaborate involve Chinese students who want to “practice English” and end up paying for a tea set, in another scam, they take you on a tour the city in the tuk-tuk and at any moment you are paying for a tailored suit made to measure.
There is no country, no matter how developed it is, that does not have some type of scam, it is just a matter of being alert and not trusting people “excessively kind” or “want to practice English” in the middle of the street
Here you can read more about the most common scams when traveling.

Travel Safety Tip # 4 – Have traveler insurance

Accidents and illnesses happen anytime, anywhere, there is nothing worse than having to interrupt your trip because you had to pay a hospital bill and you no longer have money to continue or worse, to leave the country.
To be honest, many of the activities I have done during my trip would not have been possible or I would not have felt safe doing them if I did not have medical insurance to support me.
The clearest example is going up to Everest Base Camp, in case of any emergency my insurance covered evacuation by helicopter and this can cost more than $ 3,000 USD.
This will be number 9 on the list but it is undoubtedly the best type of security to travel, especially if you travel to Europe where medical expenses can be exorbitant. The medical expense insurance I use and recommend is with World Nomads.

Travel Safety Tip # 5 – Don’t forget vaccinations.

Before leaving on your trip, be sure to visit a clinic specialized in traveler’s diseases to see if you need any vaccines.
The only compulsory vaccine is yellow fever, but it is only applied if you travel to or come from a risk zone. Outside of this, the rest are recommendations, personally I am one of those who believe that health is not spared and if there is something like a vaccine that eliminates the risk of contracting a disease, I put it on.
The clinic I visited in Mexico was the Traveler’s Clinic in Terminal 2 of the Mexico City Airport, you can contact them to indicate which is the closest traveler’s clinic to your address.

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