5 safety tips for traveling abroad (III)

Travel Safety Tip # 1 – Avoid drugs.

I am not against them, but in some countries, the use of drugs can have very serious consequences such as the death penalty.
They do not need to be “strong” drugs, some countries even alcohol is prohibited, so be very careful and better inform yourself before going to that country.

Travel Safety Tip # 2 – Don’t show affection in public.

Latinos are recognized for being very affectionate, we have no problem kissing, hugging, or walking hand in hand with our partner or “friend with rights.” In other countries, this is frowned upon and can even lead to fines.
If you are traveling in Asia, the Middle East, and some regions of Africa, try to limit your expressions of affection, however simple they may be, to the privacy of your hotel.

Travel Safety Tip # 3 – Do not separate from your belongings, if you carry two backpacks that are always attached to you and put a lock on all closings

Your suitcases and backpacks will become an extension of you, never separate from them, unless absolutely necessary.
If you travel by train with bunk beds, try to keep your backpack in the same bed where you sleep. I’ve known stories from travelers across Asia of some people sneaking through the train cars at night to get what they find out of backpacks.
Put small locks on all the closures of the backpacks, if someone wants to rob you, they will find a way to do it but at least do not make it easy for them.

Travel Safety Tip # 4 – Do not give money, candy, or gifts to anyone on the street. Much less to children.

There are 2 points why you shouldn’t do it.
Regarding security, sometimes when you take out your wallet to make a donation, the only thing you are doing is showing the place where you keep it, so it is probable that someone else is ready to take it out of there later. This is common in Europe where ‘pickpockets’ are the order of the day, so always consider this safety tip when traveling to Europe.
On the other hand, there are countries where poverty will break your heart, but it is precisely these countries where you do more harm if you give children a little money, candy, or even a pen.
By doing so you are promoting poverty and that the person keeps asking. Children especially, seeing that by extending their hands to a tourist they get something will make them prefer to be on the street asking for money instead of studying. Over time they will grow to see foreigners only as a means of raising money.
As hard and radical as this sounds, it is a reality. Please avoid giving things to street children.
If you want to help then better make a donation or volunteer in some civil association that treats the root problem.
In my case, when I was in India, instead of giving things to the children, I went with a civil association in Varanasi to make a donation of notebooks that I bought and some pens that some friends gave me to leave there.

Travel Safety Tip # 5 – Avoid using your credit card or putting your passwords in a cyber cafĂ© or with public WiFi. If necessary, use a VPN better.

Many internet cafes have programs that save what you type on the keyboard, so putting a password can be risky. If it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to access a personal account from one of these places, be sure to change the password as soon as possible.
But this is not all, in some public places where they give you free Wi-Fi there are people who can read the data you are sending and receiving, including the details of your bank account when you buy something online or access your electronic banking.
The safest way to avoid this is to use a VPN, but I will talk about this in another article since it is a bit technical, at the moment my recommendation is: avoid putting passwords in cyber cafes and access or make purchases using Wi-Fi networks free or open.

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