5 safety tips for traveling abroad (IV)

Travel Safety Tip # 1 – Avoid feeding wild animals.

Similar to point 14, in doing so the only thing you are contributing to is getting animals accustomed to receiving food from humans, which alters not only their behavior patterns and makes them more aggressive, but on a larger scale you alter everything. the ecosystem.
Animals are largely responsible for maintaining the balance of the ecosystem by feeding on certain plants, animals, or other insects that could be pests. If you accustom a species to consume what tourists give it and not what it should, you can cause a very strong ecological impact.
Not forgetting that you also encourage animals to become aggressive towards future tourists who decide not to feed them, so you better not enter this vicious circle.

Travel Safety Tip # 2 – Don’t give in to social pressure.

“If your friends jump off a bridge, will you do it too?” Our moms would say because here is the same. It doesn’t matter if you are the party pooper or the bored traveler, if your instincts tell you that it is not good or risky, then do not do it.
It does not mean that you become antisocial that avoids people or does not want to party, just listen to your instinct when you must. Many of the most dangerous activities I have done have been to let myself be carried away by collective thinking. (Who in their right mind learns to ride a motorcycle in India? Only it occurs to me)

Travel Safety Tip # 3 – Don’t look at the cell phone when you walk down the street.

If you find yourself lost or have to reply to a message, stop and go somewhere to do it. Being with the attention to the cell phone in an unknown place makes you lose concentration which makes you vulnerable to accidents or assaults.
Did you know that in Ho Chi Minh or other cities in Asia 2 subjects pass by motorcycle on the street, while one drives the other takes your bag and cuts the handles to remove your bag or backpack more easily? If you are looking at your cell phone, you are its potential victim No. 1 and with the risk that it cuts you in addition to your backpack.

Travel Safety Tip # 4 – Keep your hotel door locked securely at all times.

Not necessarily by assaults but on more than one occasion that another confused drunk has tried to enter at 4 in the morning while he was asleep. To avoid these situations, always close to insurance.

Travel Safety Tip # 5 – The problem is the shell or ice

I traveled 3 months in India and the reason why I never got sick to my stomach is why I don’t eat fruit.
The main problem in countries where they do not have a potable water supply is not found in food, as it cooks at high temperatures, killing bacteria and microorganisms.
The problem is found in the fruit or vegetables that they wash with this water and then do not cook. Most foreigners, especially Europeans, marvel in Asia and South America for the variety of fruits available and how cheap they are, but they are the first to be victims of Montezuma’s revenge.
If you want to eat fruits try to buy thick peels like oranges or if they wash them from a reliable source of water. If not, wash them yourself.
An exaggerated recommendation they give is that you brush your teeth with bottled water, the truth is that I never did it and personally I find it ridiculous.

General travel safety recommendation

After several years of travel and various countries visited, these have undoubtedly been the travel safety tips that have helped me in many situations, as time is not a big deal but sometimes we forget even the most obvious.
The world is a perfectly safe place, kindness in human beings is an inherent characteristic and not everyone will try to harm you, so go out and discover the world on your own but don’t forget to listen to your common sense.
As additional advice, once I was asked if it was necessary to have some type of training in self-defense, first aid, fire, etc., to travel, my answer is that it is not mandatory but this type of training will be useful at any time in your life.
Do not postpone a trip because you do not have this knowledge, right now when you leave your house you could go through an emergency where any type of knowledge could make a big difference, so it is better to be prepared for any eventuality and not just on trips.

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