Borneo, Welcome to the Jungle

Borneo, Welcome to the Jungle

5 reasons to discover Borneo, between Malaysia and Indonesia, as true explorers

The whole world seems to be just a click away: every certainty acquired, every image already is seen, every landscape modified by the presence of man. But there are places that manage not to be affected by this belief, such as Borneo, which preserves – in part – its primitive aspect. Here nature manages to be the protagonist of every moment, every detail, every shot that the eyes capture to keep it in memory, despite the “grueling” deforestation in being that some areas of this beautiful land are undergoing.
A trip to Borneo is undoubtedly an experience with a uniquely adventurous flavor. We at Viaggi, after some exploratory journeys, have studied itineraries that enclose the magic of an authentic exotic, whose goal is to amaze. Let’s see together what are the 5 reasons to choose a trip to Borneo.


During a trip to Borneo, you can meet some species of endangered animals such as the orang-utan, the pygmy elephant, the clouded leopard, the freshwater dolphin, and the sun bear. Their names could be those of the characters in books or fairy tales, and live free in their environment. In fact, it is not a question of safaris made with the aim of admiring them: one simply crosses their house, in which one must behave justly as guests.


Among the jungle areas that you pass through are the wild Kalimantan, in Indonesian Borneo, and that of Kinabatangan, in Sarawak (Malaysia), lush and enchanting, where fauna and flora reign supreme. Between walks and boat trips you can savor the spirit of explorers, with the emotion that is renewed at every moment in front of incredible panoramas. Do not miss the experience of discovering it on board a klotok in Tanjung Puting.


A trip to Borneo allows you to add relaxation to adventure with a stay on Mabul Island, a paradise on earth for lovers of snorkeling and sweet doing nothing. From here you enter Sipadan Island, the paradise on earth for divers, where it will be fun to make friends with small Nemo, giant tortoises, sharks, jackfish, surrounded by a shining and intact coral.


Different tribes live in the different regions of Borneo. Not far from the city of Kuching is the territory of the Ibans tribe: our #nomadimoderni will have the privilege of staying in their longhouse for dinner and overnight, participating in traditional ceremonies.


Opening your eyes every day and letting yourself be enveloped by the wonder of a place that preserves its natural aspect intact is a real cure-all, especially for those used to living in the city. Forests, islets, free mammals change the horizon significantly. Spending even a dozen days in contact with this type of nature, primordial and with the force that is perceived as bursting, helps to scale one’s priorities. And to remember at least the small ecological behaviors that can be implemented in the first person, for the good of the planet.

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