Where Autumn turns into Spring

Where Autumn turns into Spring

Fancy a holiday and sun all year round? You can choose to chase the beautiful season by moving, like real #NomadiModerni along the routes of eternal Spring. Viaggigiovani.it presents its top destinations with departures from Italy in the mists of autumn … and arrival at your destination in a dream atmosphere! From Central and South America to the wonders of the antipodes, let’s see together the perfect tours to choose from.

COSTA RICA | The pursuit of happiness’

The small Central American state of Costa Rica is considered to be one of the countries with the highest happiness rate in the world. Nature is lush, white beaches and always smiling inhabitants! With the trip, the best of Costa Rica sets off on a 16-day on-the-road adventure, during which it ranges from the capital San José to the most beautiful natural parks, between giant turtles and majestic volcanoes, to conclude with moments of relaxation in the bays overlooking the Pacific.

MEXICO | A bath in Romanticism

The Mexico Short travel proposal focuses in 11 days on the possibility of discovering the charm of Eastern Mexico. A self drive trip that allows you to visit the beautiful white city of Merida, which seems to have come out of the pages of a novel, take a bath in the transparent waters of the Agua Azul waterfall and be enchanted in front of one of the seven wonders of the modern world, the pyramid by Chichen Itza. The last part of the stay is dedicated to the Caribbean sea: Tulum, the pearl of Quintana Roo.

ARGENTINA | Nature on the edge of the world

Speaking of Argentina, one can only focus on Patagonia, the far south. The Toda Patagonia trip, arriving in the capital Buenos Aires, winds for 15 days towards Tierra del Fuego. We retrace the footsteps of the first explorers, crossing the fantastic Torres del Paine park, before heading to the Los Glaciares Park, with the majestic Perito Moreno and the spectacular glaciers of Lake Argentino.

PERU ‘| Inca civilization and colonial cities

Thirteen days to calmly visit the most fascinating places in southern Peru: this is the opportunity offered by the Peru Classic trip, which offers the opportunity for an original and supportive experience, as it allows guests to sleep with local families in the near Lake Titicaca. Do not miss the testimonies of the Inca empire, which mix with those of previous civilizations and the vestiges of the colonial period. Here is Machu Picchu and the Sagrado Valley, and again the Nazca lines and the most recent cities with a Spanish imprint Cuzco and Arequipa.

NEW ZEALAND | The last frontier

That it is geographically at the antipodes with respect to us is a known thing, but this is also true with regard to lifestyle. A country with a “western” economy but where you live with zero stress and surrounded by spectacular nature. It is no coincidence that it is right here that “real VIPs” from all over the world are looking for a home. A buen retiro to be discovered with the 18-day Classic New Zealand tour. It seems that nature has brought together the best of very different panoramas: fjords, parks, geysers, active volcanoes and beautiful beaches. And of course it is a true paradise for those who love open air activities. A unique adventure unfolds between the cities of Christchurch and Queenstown, between natural parks and bays protected by dense forests. Taking the ferry to Wellington, you can also visit the North Island, with its contrasts between Napier’s liberty architecture and Rotorua’s Maori culture.

AUSTRALIA | Rolling south

Dedicated to adventure lovers, the Australia Deep South trip, created over 22 days, is an unforgettable experience between the south of the country and the island of Tasmania. The journey starts from this magnificent island: the first week (after reaching it from Sidney) is reserved for trekking days in the middle of nature. We then return to the continent to visit Melbourne, a lively and avant-garde city, and take the legendary Great Ocean Road to go back to Cape Jervis and reach the wild Kangaroo Island. Last stop Adelaide, a city with a fascinating history of freedom and the cultural heart of the country.

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