What to see in Tsitsikamma National Park

What to see in Tsitsikamma National Park

Day 9: Nature’s Valley – What to see in Tsitsikamma National Park

Today we will dedicate the day to know the places to see in the Tsitsikamma National Park, one of the most recommended places to see on the Garden Route, which will be the endpoint of this first stage of the trip to South Africa in 25 days.
Breakfast at the Mandalay Guesthouse, our accommodation in Plettenberg Bay tonight begins at 8 in the morning so today we take the day with a little more tranquility, taking the opportunity to work these first hours of the day and when the time comes, go down to breakfast room where we charge our energy before heading to one of the most recommended places to go on the Garden Route in South Africa, which is not another in Nature’s Valley, where we are going to stop to enjoy one of the most popular beaches for a while. beautiful in the country.
30 kilometers from Plettenberg Bay we arrive at Nature’s Valley at 9 in the morning after doing this first route of the day under a scorching sun that seems to indicate that the temperatures typical of this time of year are beginning to be much more remarkable than it does. a week when we started South Africa on our own.

Nature’s Valley

In an incredible environment, after traveling a road surrounded by forest, you will find the small town of Nature’s Valley known for having one of the most beautiful beaches in the country in which a small natural lagoon stands out that leads to a kilometer-long beach perfect to make a stop and walk for hours, enjoying a privileged environment.
Lake in Nature’s Valley
Nature’s Valley Beach
Although there are numerous trails that can be done in the area, we recommend that you enjoy the beach as a point to stretch your legs before reaching the Tsitsikamma National Park.
If you have enough time, a 5-day trek starts from here to reach Tsitsikamma, which from what we have read crosses the mountain and is one of the most beautiful trails in the country.
Nature’s Valley
It is 10 in the morning, 1 hour after arriving, which we dedicate to walking along the beach, enjoying one of the most incredible environments in South Africa, we set out on the way to Tsitsikamma National Park, 40 kilometers from here where we arrive at 10:30 in the morning, ready to spend the day in one of the most beautiful places in the country.

Tsitsikamma National Park

With 70 kilometers long and 5 wide, the Tsitsikamma National Park is one of the places that you cannot miss on the Garden Route in South Africa, which stands out for having an impressive stretch of coastline, in which you can make several trails, in addition, the possibility of staying inside the park, in cabins with incredible views of the coast.

What to do in Tsitsikamma National Park

If there is something that you cannot miss in Tsitsikamma National Park, it is its trails. Taking into account that we understand that you will be there for a full day or several hours, we recommend the following that we believe are the most representative as well as the most beautiful, at the landscape level.
  • Mouth Trail: This trail of no more than an hour, easy level, is the best known in Tsitsikamma since it is the one that includes the famous suspension bridges. The trail starts from Sandy Bay, right next to the restaurant, where you can leave your car in the free parking lot to start the tour through some wooden walkways that go into the forest and after several meters reach the suspension bridge of 77 meters across the Storms River.
Mouth Trail in Tsitsikamma National Park
Mouth Trail in Tsitsikamma National Park
Keep in mind that the difficulty of the trail is easy, although there are some areas with stairs, which can be more tiring depending on your physical condition. We recommend that you go around the two hanging walkways that are on the left and that will lead you back to the park’s restaurant, where you can take the opportunity to eat, just as we did.
Although the quality is not really great, being the only place in the park, there are not many more options unless you take something in the car and have a picnic in the area.
Suspension Bridge on Mouth Trail in Tsitsikamma National Park
Mouth Trail in Tsitsikamma National Park
  • Waterfall Trail: This trail of about 6 kilometers and 3 hours of the journey is another of the best-known walks in Tsitsikamma along the Mouth Trail. The trail begins in the parking area, right next to the accommodation known as Oceanettes, some wooden houses with views of the coast that are a real wonder and runs parallel to the coast, with incredible views, sometimes dotted by whales and dolphins that get very close and are a real treat for the eyes.
Waterfall Trail in Tsitsikamma
Waterfall Trail in Tsitsikamma
In addition to the basic recommendations, it is advisable not to start it after 1:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m., so if it happens to you like us who arrive later, you can always choose to do the first part, without reaching the end, for at Less, get an idea and be able to enjoy one of the most beautiful views of this area of the South African coast.
Waterfall Trail in Tsitsikamma
  • Sandy Beach: Right next to the restaurant there is a small beach that you can take advantage of to take a bath and relax after some of the walks.

Tips for visiting Tsitsikamma

  • The ticket price is R218 per person, but it is included in the Wild Card.
  • Keep in mind that within the park there is a lodging area, where there is also a laundry and a restaurant. In case you want to take a long walk or not eat at the restaurant, you will need to bring your supplies.
  • Although the trails are not very difficult, it is worth doing them with closed shoes, bring warm clothes if the weather is not good and a hat, sunglasses, and protector if the day is sunny.
  • In the two trails that we mentioned, you have the possibility of seeing whales and dolphins very close to the coast. Do not forget the binoculars and the natural lens that you are using on the trip.
Waterfall Trail Parking in Tsitsikamma
  • If you have a full day to visit Tsitsikamma (from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. more or less) we would recommend you first do the Waterfall Trail, which is 3 hours, eat in the restaurant and then do the Mouth Trail.
    We did it the other way around and although it was great and we had very good light we reached the Mouth Trail after 2 in the afternoon, so we could no longer do it completely.
What to see in Tsitsikamma National Park

Map of the places to see in Tsitsikamma National Park

We leave you the location of the two trails and the restaurant in Tsitsikamma.
There are a few minutes to 5 in the afternoon when we leave the Tsitsikamma Natural Park, which has exceeded all our expectations, heading to what will be our accommodation in Storm River tonight, the Andelomi Forest Lodge.
But just when we are on the road we realize that we are less than 900 meters from another of the recommended trails in this area which is the Big Tree, so we decided to extend the day a little more, making this extra stop, which we did not It takes more than 20 minutes, in which after walking a very easy path through a forest and walkways, you come to a large tree, famous in this area of South Africa.


Big tree
Big tree
After the full day of today, we check-in at our accommodation to rest for a couple of hours and then go to Tsitrus Cafe for dinner, a small place highly recommended in the area, where we order a special house dish, pizza, water and a glass of wine for R250 that will charge us with energy for tomorrow, as we face the last day of this first stage of the trip.

Map of today’s route in South Africa

We leave you a map with the locations of today’s route, which we travel by rental car in South Africa, through Nature’s Valley, Tsitsikamma Natural Park, Big Tree, and Storms River.

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