Flight from Port Elizabeth to Durban

Flight from Port Elizabeth to Durban

Day 10: Storms River – Jeffreys Bay – Flight from Port Elizabeth to Durban – Ballito

Today we have the flight from Port Elizabeth to Durban at noon, with which we will begin the second stage of this trip to South Africa in 25 days, but before going to the airport, we will make a stop at Jeffreys Bay, a beach known for its waves and for being one of the most frequented places by surfers in South Africa.
In addition, this place is also known for being one of the points where there are more whale sightings at this time of year, so we want to lose this last opportunity to see them in South Africa for free.
Jeffreys Bay is located 100 kilometers from the Andelomi Forest Lodge, which has been our accommodation in Storms River tonight, from where we left at 8 in the morning, after having breakfast and charging energy for today, which although it is presented With virtually no visits, we hope it will be the gateway to some of the must-see places in South Africa.
After a quiet journey, today with rather gray weather, we arrived at Jeffreys Bay at 9 in the morning, to leave the rental car in South Africa in one of the parking lots on the beach promenade.

Jeffreys Bay, a stop before the flight from Port Elizabeth to Durban

This charming little town is one of the must-see stops for any traveler who loves surfing or wants to see some of the best waves in the country with their own eyes. Whatever the reason or even if you are like us to make a stop before catching the flight from Port Elizabeth to Durban, Jeffreys Bay is the perfect option to stretch your legs, enjoy the beach and even if you are lucky, something that we Today we cannot say, see whales from the coast.
Jeffreys Bay
As we still have about an hour before leaving for the airport, we decided to take the opportunity to sit in a cafeteria facing the sea, where we had lemonade, coffee and a portion of chocolate cake for R70 that serve as the perfect excuse to enjoy during a while to watch life go by, what we like so much and what sometimes we do not spend as much time as we would like.
It’s 10:30 am when we can go to Port Elizabeth airport, 90 kilometers from here, where we arrive at 11:30 in the morning.

Returning your rental car at Port Elizabeth Airport

Keep in mind that Port Elizabeth airport is very small, so it is incredibly easy to locate the Europcar return car park, from whom we rent a car in South Africa.
Once there and after reviewing the car completely and taking photos, to have proof of how we have returned the car, we wait for them to review it, something they do quickly, without even looking at the gas tank for everything the procedure to return the rental car done, go to the luggage delivery and check-in with Fly Safair, which is the company with which we will make the flight from Port Elizabeth to Durban.
Europcar at Port Elizabeth Airport
With a couple of hours to spare until our flight from Port Elizabeth to Durban leaves, we take the opportunity to review the next stage of South Africa on our own, which will be practically entirely to see animals as well as eat in a small airport restaurant and take this wait as a break from the full days we have had so far, with the routes of Cape Town in one day, the tour of the Cape Peninsula, the whale watching in Hermanus, the Garden Route in South Africa and the Natural Park from Tsitsikamma that we were in yesterday.
Port Elizabeth airport
On-time, our flight from Port Elizabeth to Durban leaves and on time we land in this new city where we will begin a new stage of the trip to South Africa in 25 days, in which as we mentioned before, we hope to see many animals and we are sure, it will become one of the cherries of the trip cake.
Flight from Port Elizabeth to Durban

Pick up your rental car in Durban

After landing, the first thing we do after picking up the luggage is to go to the Europcar office, where we find that after doing all the procedures for the second car rental in South Africa, the credit card with which we have to do the deposit, they tell us it doesn’t work.
After the first moment of panic, we began to try different credit cards, always from Roger who is the driver, who after trying, tells us that they do not work either. Faced with this problem, we propose to pay the deposit in cash, to which they refuse and the only solution they give us is to add me as a driver, at a cost of about 80 euros and thus be able to use my credit card.
We accept seeing that this is the only possible solution to be able to take the rental car and after doing the management, we have the same problem with the credit cards in my name. At our insistence that something strange is happening, since in the first rental car in Cape Town we had no problems, they agree to try another POS and finally realize that the problem is theirs, with the card machine that it doesn’t work and that’s why it was giving an error.
So after this bad drink, we pick up the rental car that we will have these days, which is a Toyota Avanza, a taller car to be able to have better visibility on safaris, we take the opportunity to make a purchase of basic food in an airport supermarket and we set off for what will be our lodging tonight.
It is 6 in the afternoon when we arrive at the Hampshire Hotel, our accommodation in Ballito for tonight, a small town just 14 kilometers from the airport that we are going to use as a place to sleep and tomorrow we start the route visiting Santa Lucia, one of the strong points of this stage of the trip.

Map of today’s South Africa route including the flight from Port Elizabeth to Durban

We leave you a map of today’s route in South Africa, including the flight from Port Elizabeth to Durban, with which we will start the second stage of this trip.
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