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3 podcasts to demystify the world of finance once and for all

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    Podcasts are among the media that have gained the most fans in recent years. Easily accessible, they are a very practical tool to obtain knowledge and information or simply to pass the time in an entertaining way. One of its advantages is the possibility of listening to the content while performing other day-to-day tasks.

    In this article we will show you how podcasts can help anyone who wants to start or deepen their studies on the financial universe. We also present a selection of the three best Brazilian podcasts within this topic in our opinion, with lessons that you can take advantage of when managing your resources.

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    What is a podcast?

    The idea behind podcasts is nothing new. They are very reminiscent of radio shows, popular in the past, but out of fashion these days, with the difference that, in podcasts, you can pause and listen again whenever you want.

    The variety of topics the podcasts cover is also impressive. There are programs for almost everything, from children’s toys to Quantum Physics, with content for all tastes and profiles.

    The most “serious” podcasts, such as those on finance, usually have the participation of experts, who bring their knowledge to an audience that will be able to listen and absolve the information while doing other activities. You can, for example, listen to your favorite podcast while taking a bus, riding a bike or having a snack.

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    Where to listen to podcasts

    There are several platforms where you can listen to podcasts, some for free and others with paid plans.

    SoundClound is one of the most used. It has a very large list of programs, as well as tools for interacting with posts and sharing on social networks.

    Spotify, despite the fact that it is mainly used for music, is also a very popular platform for fans of podcasts. Users can select programs by themes such as education, business and technology, and arts and entertainment.

    Other recommended sites and apps include: Deezer, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, CastBox, PodBean, Overcast, and Pocket Casts.

    Why is it important to learn about finances?

    Unfortunately, many people still feel that finances are not an important subject to learn. This may be due to our habit of associating the world of finance with rich, important or intelligent people.

    But the truth is that finances are present in the routine of all of us. After all, we all have material needs and bills to pay, as well as dreams and plans to fulfill. For all these elements of life, money and the way we handle it are of paramount importance.

    Investing in financial education, in short, not only helps us control our household budget, but also teaches us that money can be a great ally to achieve a more peaceful life.

    So if one day we need a loanwe will not have to worry about late payments, since we will have enough knowledge to plan and pay the bills on time.

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    Top 3 Finance Podcasts

    It’s finally time to get to know the 3 best finance podcasts produced here in Brazil! Understand the differential of each one and how you can access them.


    NerdCash is a partnership between Nova Futura Investimentos, an independent brokerage firm with almost 40 years of history, and Jovem Nerd, producer of the largest podcast in Brazil, NerdCast.

    NerdCash, therefore, is the financial version of NerdCast, also presented by the always good-natured Alexandre Ottoni and Deive Pazos. Each program receives a finance specialist, such as journalist Nathalia Arcuri and Nova Futura’s Director of Resource Management, Pedro Paulo Silveira.

    The programs last between 40 minutes and 1 hour and are always published on the second Friday of each month. Each episode covers a different topic, such as investment categories, personal finance tips, and analysis on the economic moment in Brazil and in the world.


    Presented by the journalist specialized in finance Nathalia Arcuri and Professor Mira, professional investor and specialist in equities, Poupecast has already become one of the most listened to podcasts on Spotify and other platforms. It is the audio version of the Me Poupe channel, directed by Nathalia Arcuri on YouTube.

    With good humor and personality, the duo of presenters squander all their knowledge on different financial topics in each episode and also have the help of experts from different areas, such as Felipe Miranda, Chief Strategist of Empiricus, and Ronaldo Lemos, technology specialists. and innovation.


    EITHER low interest podcast, presented by postgraduate in financial education Ayrlonn Galvão. The result of a need to teach people more about the world of finance, JotaBêCast was born with the aim of demystifying terms, talking to experts in the economic world and, above all, helping you manage your finances more responsibly.

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    Bringing cases from the real world, with simple and inclusive language, the podcast serves as a guide for all those who want to know more about finance and economics, but do not know where to start.

    Tips for getting the most out of your podcast

    Podcasts can be a very useful tool to expand our knowledge about finances and you can get the most out of them by putting some tips into practice. Verify.

    Listen while doing another activity.

    One of the great differentials of podcasts is the possibility of listening to something that we consider relevant while carrying out other activities. In this way, we can make better use of our time and move forward on important tasks.

    One piece of advice in this regard is to listen to the podcast while doing more automatic tasks, such as ironing or taking a walk. In this way, we are able to pay attention to what we are hearing.

    Write down the main ideas

    You can view the podcast as a study tool in its own right and try to absorb as much of the information provided as possible by taking notes. You can then review the annotations when you need them or pin down the content further.

    Always keep studying!

    Financial education should be a continuous process, which expands as we put knowledge into practice and get in touch with the latest news on the subject. Therefore, it must be used in our financial planning, which must, in turn, be based on short-, medium-, and long-term goals.

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