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7 Difficult Situations That Would Be Worse Without Life Insurance

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    We are all subject to some kind of unforeseen event in our lives. The problem is that we are not always prepared to face these moments of everyday life. For this reason, life insurance is a great option to guarantee more security and protection in unexpected situations, including economic ones.

    Basically, life insurance guarantees compensation in the event of death, disability or temporary loss of income, which serves as personal and family economic protection. This occurs through a contract with an insurance company, which establishes a certain amount of money to be transferred to the beneficiaries in difficult times.

    You may be thinking right now, “I’m still too young to think about that,” or “why do I need life insurance if I’m healthy?” But you shouldn’t shop for life insurance coverage with the worst in mind. On the contrary! The ideal is to have security and protection to live in peace, preventing the scenario from being even more difficult in the face of difficulties.

    With that in mind, we list 7 complicated and difficult situations that a person can go through that would be worse without life insurance. Read on and check it out!

    1. Unemployment

    The fear of losing their job keeps thousands of people around the world awake at night. In this case, to prevent people from defaulting, some types of life insurance guarantee monthly payment, for a certain period, to the insured in the event of involuntary unemployment without just cause.

    The economic support usually has a grace period (3 months from the contracting of the insurance) and requires an employment relationship of at least 1 year for the insurance companies to grant it, covering financing, credit card expenses and even payroll loan operations. .

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    All this allows your relatives not to be left helpless at unexpected times and that you have more peace of mind to recover your monthly income.

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    2. Serious illnesses

    Critical illness insurance coverage has gained more notoriety due to the poor assistance provided by health plans. That’s because even those with a good plan know that a serious illness can affect the entire family structure and financial life.

    In this case, if the insured person is diagnosed with a serious illness covered by the plan, they will receive the contracted amount to start medical treatment or use the money as they prefer.

    That is why taking out life insurance is a guarantee that you will have financial support. After all, health situations require special care, and nobody wants to be thinking about the costs to pay right now.

    3. Personal accidents

    In general, personal accident insurance is intended for when some type of accident occurs outside the work environment with the insured, leaving him unable to perform activities for a period, causing partial or total disability or even death.

    Therefore, by taking out life insurance, your family is not left unprotected in a time of need and has some means to get ahead. Thus, it is possible to soften the situation and meet the economic commitments in the period of absence from work or absence due to death.

    4. Lack of economic conditions to go to the dentist

    Dental treatments often weigh on the pockets of many families, so they cease to be a priority when problems related to lack of money arise. At that time, having good life insurance is the smartest alternative.

    Dental insurance allows contracting parties the benefit of obtaining consultations, cleanings and various procedures related to oral health as defined in the policy. In addition to taking care of your oral health, you guarantee a great cost-benefit for the treatment, since you will not have to pay the full amount when you need the services.

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    5. Low retirement value

    Many people, when they retire, end up going back in the standard of living they maintained while they were active due to the low value of the benefit. For these people, life insurance allows them to supplement their income to ensure that there are no setbacks or rushes in difficult situations.

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    Insurance works as a long-term investment that protects you and your family. With it you can plan and build a calmer future, as well as cover sudden expenses if your income is insufficient and enjoy some of the pleasures of life, such as taking a dream trip or buying the car of the year.

    Most of the time, this is possible thanks to redeemable life insurance, a way to take advantage of life insurance in addition to the coverages included. This benefit covers the protection of the family and investments in general, which also serve as a financial reserve.

    6. Lack of money to carry out personal projects

    As we explained to you, there are some types of insurance that a person can contract for certain periods and then redeem them to help you and your family members carry out personal projects.

    We can say, for example, that this insurance is a great alternative for those who need to buy a property or a high value asset, as well as for those who want to make an exchange abroad, but do not have the money to do so.

    Thus, you can have peace of mind and security with life insurance in complicated situations. After all, if any of the problems provided for in the coverage of the policy occurs, it is possible to trigger the insurance company and receive the amounts initially stipulated.

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    7. Home services

    Surely you have had a problem at home and needed to hire home assistance services with specialized labor, such as an electrician, plumber and locksmith, right?

    Well, in these unexpected moments at home it is also possible to count on the help of life insurance. These assistance services consist of solutions provided by the insurance company created especially for small day-to-day incidents, ensuring you all the peace of mind you need to deal with what happened.

    As you can see, life insurance offers several possibilities and, like any important decision, its acquisition must be evaluated and planned according to the financial situation and personal requirements. It is important to consider the risks to which you are most exposed and the factors that deserve more attention.

    And remember: choosing a good insurance company can make all the difference! As it is a long-term relationship, it is necessary to have a well-structured company with credibility in the market. In this case, we can highlight WinSocial, which is a digital research and innovation platform that offers life insurance for people who have healthy habits.

    Therefore, always be aware of the safety and protection of your loved ones and prevent them from going through complicated situations without life insurance. At WinSocial, we believe that being you is safe. Now, people with chronic health conditions can access life insurance at a personalized price. Contact Us and discover the differentials that WinSocial has to offer!

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