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7 tips to prepare perfect meals when you have diabetes

    7 tips to prepare perfect meals when you have diabetes

    When you receive a diagnosis of diabetes, the first question that comes to mind is: “what can I eat now? How should I prepare perfect meals for diabetes?

    Planning the daily meals of a household is difficult enough. I’ve been through this in the pandemic, but now when we have someone with diabetes in the family, it seems like mission impossible, doesn’t it?

    What we must understand is that a really healthy meal is not the privilege of those who have diabetes. All people must follow, whether they are adults or children. Have you ever thought about it?

    In this article, you will learn how to plan and prepare the perfect meals for your daily life. At the end of this article, I left a list of digital books with ideas for assertive meal preparation.

    Learning the plate method

    The plate method makes life easier for people who don’t have access to a nutrition professional, but want to eat healthy and delicious meals. Assembling a healthy plate is very simple, look at the image below:

    Division of plates for healthy meals

    Prepare your healthy plate, half with greens and vegetables, as they will have very little impact on your blood sugar level. The other half of your plate, you should divide it in half again, leaving 1/4 for proteins (meat, fish or chicken) and the other 1/4 for carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, pasta, yucca). The key to this method is to have half the vegetables and more than twice the protein and carbohydrates on your plate. If you have diabetes, you should always control the amount of carbohydrates you eat at meals, so you don’t have your glucose levels out of control. If you want to further improve your eating while you have diabetes, consult a nutritionist and learn the methodology of carbohydrate counting, so you will have more freedom in your meals.

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    Learn more about carbohydrate counting

    meal planning

    Now that you have learned the importance of meal planning and discovered that there is the possibility of counting the carbohydrates eaten per meal, so as not to impact blood glucose levels, here are 7 tips for you to plan your meals, just or accompanied. Your family.

    1. Schedule time to plan meals:

      Choose which day you will plan meals for the following week. Friday and Saturday work well, so you can create a list, shop over the weekend, and get ready on Sunday.

    2. Find out how many meals you need to make:

      Write what is happening from Sunday to Friday for the next week. Eliminate nights when you’re not home or ordering a meal.
      Think about the days when you will need homemade food. For example, if you are going to meet a friend on Tuesday and have pizza with the family on Friday, then you need meals on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. There are four nights of dinners planned. Follow the same process for lunch.

    3. Choose recipes and meals:

      Look at the list you created with your family. Pick one or two ideas from your list; then navigate to cookbooks or websites for inspiration to make planning for the week easier.

    4. Use food in various ways:

      For example, shredded chicken, Grilled vegetables can be eaten with fish, stuffed tortillas, pancakes, salad leaves with pieces of fruit, etc. Use your imagination.

    5. Make your shopping list:

      Now that you have 2 or 3 meals to cook for the next week, you can write your shopping list. Along with the ingredients for the meals you’ve planned, stock your cart with staples you can use when you need to whip up something healthy at the last minute, along with healthy foods for breakfast, lunch and snacks.

    6. go shopping :

      Go to the supermarket or make your life easier by doing your shopping online, this can help you shop your list and save money too, as this way we only buy what we plan and we are not surprised with some food that has attractive packaging. , but it is not part of your list of healthy foods. Several supermarkets already do this type of service here.

    7. Prepare and cook:

      Knowing now what days you will need a homemade meal, it is time to decide when you are going to cook and if you are going to prepare something in advance. Preparing a protein like chicken, a whole grain like quinoa, and roasted vegetables ahead of time makes it easy to prepare healthy meals throughout the week.

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    Ideas to prepare your meals

    Now that you’ve planned your week of healthy meals and made your shopping list, you need ideas to prepare your meals. To help you, I will leave you below a list of digital books with diabetic food recipesdesserts, vegan meals Y low carb, as well as advice on how to eat better. Simply click on the name of the book to access the information.

    If you have healthy recipe suggestions that we can share with other readers, please send them to my email [email protected]

    Bon Appetite!

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