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7 tips to quench your skin’s thirst – Portal Diabetes & Tú

    7 tips to quench your skin's thirst - Portal Diabetes & Tú


    Did you know that our skin is the largest organ in our body? What’s more, is it composed of more than 60% water? That is, your skin is thirsty when it is dehydrated.

    There are 4 main types of skin:

    Dehydrated skin may look dry, but it’s not the same as having a dry skin type. Severe dehydration and dry skin must be treated, often under medical supervision.

    While dehydrated skin needs hydration, dry skin needs natural oils, also called tallow.

    Skin dehydration can be a sign that something is wrong with your health. People with diabetes are more likely to have dehydrated skin than people without diabetes.

    How does the skin of people with diabetes become dehydrated?

    When blood glucose levels are high, our body must eliminate them to restore normal levels.

    One of the mechanisms that our body uses is to increase the number of urinations, therefore, the number of times we go to the bathroom to urinate increases.

    There we have a problem, because not only do we eliminate excess glucose, but we also increase the elimination of liquids, which leads to dehydration of the skin.


    In short, dehydration means that your body is losing more water than it is taking in.

    What are the signs and symptoms of dehydrated skin?

    Our skin gives us signs that it is dehydrated, such as:

    • Chop
    • Dark spots under the eyes
    • Fine lines and wrinkles
    • Deep eyes
    • foot cracks

    Other signs and symptoms of dehydration are also:

    • Headaches
    • Dizziness
    • Thirst
    • General feeling of weakness.

    How to treat thirsty skin?

    Dehydration and especially dehydrated skin should not be ignored. Treatment starts from the inside out, so here are 7 great solutions that have been shown to have a significant impact on the skin and its overall hydration levels.

    #01 – Control your blood glucose levels

    Control of blood glucose levels reduces the number of urinations and normalizes the elimination of liquids in the urine. In this way, there is no unnecessary loss of water.

    #02 – Drink water in the morning, afternoon and evening

    Skin hydration is just one more reason to drink more water throughout the day.

    In the morning it is necessary to drink at least 2 glasses of water, since we spend about 7 to 9 hours without hydrating ourselves during the night.

    EITHER Teacher. Lawrence E. Armstrong He says “Our sense of thirst doesn’t really show up until we’re 1 or 2% dehydrated.”. This means that we must avoid feeling thirsty throughout the day by drinking small portions of water throughout the day.

    #03 – Moderate the consumption of alcoholic beverages and caffeine during the day

    We have the feeling that any liquid we ingest will help us hydrate our body, right?

    Now stop and think with me: when we drink alcohol, we increase the number of times we go to the bathroom, right? We already know that this leads to an increase in the elimination of liquids and therefore dehydration, which will be reflected in our skin.


    Caffeine is another ingredient that, when consumed in large quantities, will have a negative impact on our body. Drinking in moderation should be fine, but it’s important to avoid the danger of sticking exclusively to caffeinated beverages (coffee, tea, and soda).

    Intercalate the consumption of these drinks with a glass of water. Your body and your skin will thank you.

    #04 – Use moisturizing foods

    Water is not the only thing that keeps us hydrated. Research suggests that we can get 20-25% of our daily water intake from solid foods.

    Fruits, vegetables and broth-based soups are some of the foods that have the greatest hydration power.

    #05 – Treat your skin from the outside

    While it’s important to treat your skin from the inside out, you shouldn’t ignore the need to moisturize your skin on the surface as well. Healthy skin takes 25 days to renew, but dehydrated skin takes much longer. One of the best ways to prevent this from becoming a problem is to choose the right products for your skin. Adding water by itself does not work.

    #06 – Use products that hydrate your skin from the outside in

    Putting the right ingredients on your skin will help the cause, but the results are much better when you lock in moisture. Keeping the moisture barrier intact is the best way to achieve this, and there are many products that help prevent moisture from leaving the skin, actively increasing skin hydration even when the body’s overall hydration levels are poor.


    #07 – Dry legs and feet due to diabetes? Feeling of heavy and tired legs?

    Choosing the ideal product to keep your skin hydrated from the outside in is very important.

    Many times it is necessary to consult a dermatologist (specialist in skin problems) to find the ideal product for your problem.

    To bring more comfort and quality of life to patients with diabetes, Servier do Brasil launched the cedraflona French cream tested and approved by endocrinologists, which helps in the daily fight against skin dryness, especially on the feet, helping in the prevention and evolution of dry skin complications caused by diabetes.

    Cedraflon is 3 in 1:

    • Intense hydration with a prolonged effect, thanks to the exclusive technology of 3D MATRIX and low concentration of urea, ensuring the right amount of hydration, without exfoliating the skin;
    • Immediate absorption with dry touch, not leaving fingers and feet wet;
    • Refreshing with a delicate fragrance, reducing itchiness thanks to menthol;

    Buy the cedraflon at any pharmacy in Brazil!

    Do you want to know more about skin and diabetes? Click the button below and learn about the Cedraflon campaign “Your skin is thirsty too. Watch videos with renowned professionals, download free materials, and learn more about skin care for people with diabetes.


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