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Home » Blog » Diabetes: Can I control what I eat with my smartphone? – Portal Diabetes and You

Diabetes: Can I control what I eat with my smartphone? – Portal Diabetes and You

    Diabetes: Can I control what I eat with my smartphone?  - Portal Diabetes and You


    How to use the Smartphone to control diabetes?

    In 2015, the twin brothers Tamás and Marcell Havlik, graduates in Software Engineering -a branch of computer engineering that allows creating more assertive solutions for all people, whether in the professional or personal field- started an investigation to develop a cell of phone app to help people control diabetes using a smartphone.

    Tamás Havlik became interested in the topic of diabetes and began research to understand more about it and develop a solution that could help millions of people around the world living with diabetes. Currently, there are around 537 million people with diabetes worldwide (source: IDF Atlas 10the edition).

    Know more about Diabetes?

    Tamás called his twin brother Marcell and his other brother Charles, a medical student at the University of Semmelweis (Hungary), as he saw a great opportunity to transform the lives of those suffering from type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

    His idea was to “predict blood glucose levels in advance”.

    The Havlik brothers have developed an application for smartphones, available for both app store How much is it Play store. This app allows you to use your smartphone camera to identify the food on your plate, the serving size, the glycemic index (GI) of the food, and how much it will affect your blood glucose.


    The most curious thing about this story is that none of the brothers have diabetes, but in the family several members have type 2 diabetes. They will come together to help and transform the lives of those who have diabetes so that they have a healthier life.

    What is the difference between the main types of diabetes?

    I, Monica Lenzi, do not have diabetes either, but as a health professional, I decided to help those who have it since 2006. In 2013, my husband diagnosed me with type 2 diabetes. All this gave me more strength to continue what I had started in 2006 .

    I am always looking for innovative technologies that can transform the lives of all people with diabetes, wherever they are.

    I recorded a video explaining a bit more about DiabTrend, the app developed by the Havlik brothers. Just click the image below to view.

    DiabTrend has a tutor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, DiaPanda. Its function is to guide and educate you on the best practices for good control of diabetes, providing you with quality of life.

    DiabTrend: diabetes control in 5 minutes in the palm of your hand

    DiabTrend is a mobile application that, in addition to helping you control blood glucose, helps control blood pressure, menstrual period (for women), sleeping and eating habits, using Artificial Intelligence (AI), analyzing your health data in a more efficient way. .


    Advantages of using the DiabTrend App to control diabetes

    Using AI, DiabTrend learns about each person’s glucose metabolism predict in up to 4 hours the level of sugar in the patient’s blood.

    DiabTrend allows you to understand the past, predicting the future, so that you live the present!

    Click the button below and get a 7-day free trial, and get 75% off for subscribing to the plan premium day. In this plan you have access to resources that will help you control diabetes:

    • Recognition of food and quantities.
    • Instant calculation of calories and carbohydrates
    • Prediction of blood glucose level 4 hours in advance
    • glycemic index of foods


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