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Fiasp – New Ultra-fast Acting Insulin Aspart – Portal Diabetes & Você

    Fiasp – New Ultra-fast Acting Insulin Aspart - Portal Diabetes & Você

    The new insulin aspart with the trade name fiasp, It has just arrived at Brazilian pharmacies. It is ultra-fast acting, and can be used at the time of eating (first bite) or even 20 minutes after the start of the intake, if necessary.

    Fiasp has in its formulation the same active ingredient as NovoRapidWhich is the insulin As partbut with some modifications in its formulation.

    In this way, Fiasp has its time of onset of action 2 times faster than other rapid-acting insulins, which generally need to be taken 30 to 15 minutes before the start of a meal.

    Fiasp (Insulin Asparte 100 IU/ml) is approved by Anvisa for use in subcutaneous applications using syringes, feathers Y insulin infusion pumpand can be used by children from 1 year of age.

    New Insulin Asparte Fiasp


    Fiasp is an ultrarapid-acting insulin analog, indicated to control blood glucose levels after meals, precisely because it reaches its maximum action peak in less time than other rapid-acting insulins.

    The dose to be injected depends on the amount of carbohydrates eaten at the meal and the blood glucose levels obtained before the meal. This is a conversation to have with your doctor at the time of your appointment.

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    Studies carried out with Fiasp – Ultra-fast Insulin Aspart:

    according to the website drugs.comohThe benefits of Fiasp in lowering blood glucose as part of the treatment of diabetes have been shown in 3 main studies.

    In two studies, Fiasp was shown to be at least as effective as another insulin, NovoRapid. Both Fiasp and NovoRapid contain insulin aspart, but Fiasp contains a few different ingredients designed to help it absorb quickly.

    The main measure of effectiveness was the ability of the drug to reduce the level of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c), which provides an indication of how effectively blood glucose is controlled over time.

    Do you want to know more about glycosylated hemoglobin? Click here.

    A study involving 1,143 patients with type 1 diabetes whose baseline HbA1c was around 7.6% found that after 6 months of treatment it decreased by 0.32 percentage points with a mealtime dose of Fiasp, compared with 0.17 points with the other insulin.

    In the second study, involving 689 patients with type 2 diabetes, the drop after 6 months of treatment (from a baseline of 7.96% and 7.89%, respectively) was 1.38 Fiasp points and 1.36 points with the other insulin.

    A third study, involving 236 patients with type 2 diabetes and a baseline HbA1c of around 7.9%, found that adding Fiasp to meals when treated with long-acting insulin and metformin (an oral diabetes medicine) improved blood pressure control. no direct comparison between Fiasp and other mealtime insulin in this study).


    In patients who received Fiasp, the drop in HbA1c after 18 weeks was 1.16 percentage points, compared with 0.22 points in patients who received only long-acting insulin and metformin.

    What precautions should I take when using Fiasp?

    As with all rapid-acting insulins, the chance of having a hypoglycemia is very high, depending on the dose applied and the amount of food ingested. For this reason, stay tuned. Talk to your doctor and nutrition team.

    Another thing that can happen is an allergic reaction.

    Even if you are already a regular user of NovoRapid insulin (Insulin Asparte 100 IU/ml), the modification in the formulation of Fiasp may promote an immunogenic reaction.

    This reaction can range from redness at the injection site to the expected lack of insulin action.

    Its use is not yet approved for pregnant women because there are no studies that support it.

    Advantages of using Fiasp:

    I am a mother and I know the difficulty that many parents of children with diabetes have when it comes to preparing their child’s meal and applying the dose to correct the current blood glucose level, in addition to the amount necessary to adjust the amount of carbohydrates that will be ingested.

    Often at a certain point in the meal, children say: I DON’T WANT MORE FOOD! And there?

    How to proceed, if you have already applied the insulin dose for the amount of food that you “thought” your child would eat? That hypoglycemic crisis that we try to avoid all the time crosses your mind, right?

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    As Fiasp can be applied up to 20 minutes after the start of the meal, this makes it much easier for parents counting carbohydrates.

    This, along with the studies presented, demonstrate better control of glucose and glycosylated hemoglobin levels.

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