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    Diabetes is a chronic and silent disease that can lead to serious consequences if not treated correctly. Since there is still no cure, it is essential that the patient follows the treatment correctly to enjoy a good quality of life. In this sense, there are several mechanisms that allow monitoring the health of people with diabetes, including the WinSocial application.

    Bearing in mind the importance of health care for people with diabetes, we list some clarifications on the subject and tips on how to use the WinSocial application to have it as an ally in the care of the condition. Check out!

    What is the WinSocial application?

    The WinSocial application is an instrument developed for individuals to have greater control over their own health, especially those dealing with diabetes. The app is free and offers a health test, in which users answer a medical questionnaire and according to their answers, they receive a health score. With this note, the user can get exclusive discounts on their life insurance.

    How to use the app to achieve longevity?

    There are several features that the app offers so that the person has control over their own health. The main ones, however, are pulse control, performed by the cell phone camera, and step monitoring. The first function allows the user to identify any abnormality in the heartbeat in a quick and simplified way.

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    It is worth remembering that heart diseases are extremely common in diabetics. That’s because high blood glucose levels increase the chances of developing heart problems. Identifying irregular heartbeats, therefore, can be a great way to prevent such problems and increase life expectancy.

    Step monitoring, likewise, allows you to analyze activity rates. This is important because the most efficient way to reduce blood glucose levels is through physical exercise . After all, they help in the use of glucose by the muscles and help prevent diabetes-related diseases.

    What other practices contribute to the health of people with diabetes?

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    First, it is worth remembering that the our Application should be a day-to-day support mechanism for health monitoring and well-being promotion. The resource, therefore, does not replace important practices for controlling diabetes and achieving longevity. Check out some tips to improve the quality and life expectancy!

    move regularly

    The practice of aerobic activities, such as running and cycling, contributes greatly to the control of diabetes. In the same way, resistance exercises, such as Pilates and weight training, are also welcome to balance the disease.

    For this reason, it is important to incorporate these activities into everyday life and build a movement routine that allows you to increase life expectancy. After all, it has been proven that individuals who set aside at least 30 minutes a day to exercise are at less risk of premature death and developing serious illness.


    Maintain a healthy diet

    Maintaining healthy eating habits should also be a priority in the routine of a person with diabetes. After all, the source for the balance of insulin in the blood is in food. Therefore, it is essential to include more fiber, vegetables and lean proteins in the menu.

    Likewise, it is important to avoid carbohydrates and sugary products that raise blood glucose levels. It is worth remembering that, in order to maintain this balance, it is essential to visit a doctor regularly and a nutritionist who can help and monitor the patient’s diet.

    have a good night’s sleep

    A peaceful night can be a great ally for those who have diabetes. That’s because sleeping less than seven hours a day causes the body to produce cortisol, a hormone that is not welcome in excess, as it increases the accumulation of fat in the abdomen.

    In addition, lack of sleep can trigger binge eating. This, in turn, triggers the consumption of undesirable foods for blood glucose control and quality of life. For the same reasons, emotional management of stress is critical. This same hormone can be released in situations of excessive irritation and cause the individual to make unhealthy choices.

    Have good financial control

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    Having good financial control is an indirect way of promoting health, after all, physical care demands resources. In addition, especially for those with diabetes, it is essential to be prepared for any emergency or additional cost that may need to be covered in medical procedures or treatments.


    Therefore, plan your budget and finances in order to allocate resources in the best way to promote quality of life. It is worth remembering that this programming must also happen in the long term. After all, achieving longevity requires financial education in order to envision the future and the conditions for a healthy and happy old age.

    As we have seen, diabetes is a disease that deserves all the patient’s attention and caution. That’s because, despite being silent, it can cause serious problems if not regularly monitored. For this reason, it is important that individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle and control their physical integrity.

    Thinking about making this monitoring routine easier , our application for longevity was developed. Created based on research carried out in the United States, the Netherlands and Brazil, the tests and tools available seek to provide people with ease and quality of life. Guided by the right resources and monitoring the health situation with professionals in the area, the patient will be able to enjoy the good moments of life for many years to come.

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