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Home » Blog » Is it really possible to cure and reverse diabetes? – Portal Diabetes and You

Is it really possible to cure and reverse diabetes? – Portal Diabetes and You

    Is it really possible to cure and reverse diabetes?  - Portal Diabetes and You

    Does diabetes have a cure?

    Every day I am asked if diabetes is curable, if type 2 diabetes can be reversed… I want to invite you to review the definition of these concepts with me!

      • 1. get healthy. “They only stopped to heal the sick.”
      • two. eradicate, eliminate (disease, wound, etc.). “They cured all the diseases of the region.”
      • 1. return (to the initial condition, to the point from which it started), go back, return.

    Find out what professionals and entities say:

    These questions come to me, as there are countless advertisements on Google and Facebook offering treatments to “Cure” and “Reverse” diabetes. See what the opinion issued by CREMEC (Ceará Regional Council of Medicine) says:

    “To date, there is no reversal or cure for Diabetes, and its treatment is based on two points:

    1. Modification of lifestyle in terms of physical activity and adequate nutrition.
    2. Use of medications from different therapeutic classes, including insulin, the latter being the only effective resource for glycemic control of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus.”

    People with type 2 diabetes, who change their lifestyle and lose weight, will decrease their insulin resistance, and may even be able to stop taking medications, but they should never abandon their diabetes care. See what the endocrinologist Dr. Andressa Heimbecher Soares:

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    ‘If a person was diagnosed with diabetes and changed his habits, normalizing sugar levels in about 3 months, for example, his body will continue to feel the effects of this decompensation in the future, it is the so-called metabolic memory of the body.

    “In this way, even if the diabetic patient has normal blood sugar levels and is not taking any medication, routine annual examinations such as eye fundus to evaluate the retina, microalbuminuria to evaluate the kidney, pressure control should be performed. blood and cholesterol. .”

    How is type 2 diabetes treated?

    There are different types of treatments for type 2 diabetes, both in the form of pills and injectable drugs, but they are all linked to the adoption of healthy habits, right?

    We cannot forget that type 2 diabetes is a silent disease, many people abandon treatment when they find normal fasting blood glucose values. Is this correct?

    Can metabolic surgery cure type 2 diabetes?

    To answer this question, I recorded the following video. Just click on it to watch it now!

    How can I improve my diabetes control using Feeding?

    The lack of information about food is a very serious problem that bothers many people. That’s why I wrote the Digital Book “Food Without Restriction”. This book will show you how you can eat what you love and still keep your glucose levels under control. And of course, combine a good diet with exercise.

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    Click the button below to meet the Digital Book “Food without Restriction”where will you find how Eat Consciously Without Getting Out of Control glucose levels.


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