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Learn how to prevent prostate cancer here!

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    Prostate cancer has a very marked presence among men, especially among those over 50 years of age. However, do you know how to prevent it or even how to reduce the chances of getting involved with this neoplasm?

    Working with prevention is the key. Therefore, if you are in this age group, it is essential to be on the lookout for a medical evaluation at least once a year. Therefore, the sooner it is discovered, the easier it is to treat the condition and prevent it from progressing.

    Read on and learn how to prevent prostate cancer here.

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    What is prostate cancer?

    The prostate is a gland in the male body, located near the rectum, just below the bladder. It surrounds the initial portion of the urethra, the channel that carries urine from the bladder to the outside. Its main function is to produce about 70% of seminal fluid (semen), which carries sperm.

    A malignant tumor can affect this gland, which is characterized by very slow growth. For this reason, it is considered a silent cancer, since its presence is usually noticed when it is already well developed. Therefore, preventive examinations are of great importance.

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    After non-melanoma skin cancer, prostate cancer has the highest incidence among men. Its occurrence is more marked the older the individual is, so it was characterized as a disease of the elderly, although it is not limited to this target audience.

    What are the main risk factors involved?

    Some personal aspects make prostate cancer more likely to manifest. Among these risk factors, for example, the following stand out:

    • years: it is rare before 40 years of age and reaches 60% of cases when the age exceeds 65 years;
    • Family history: grandfather, father or brother with the disease place the individual in the risk group;
    • obesity and overweight: Overweight or obese men are more likely to develop the condition;
    • racial aspects: People of Caribbean and African origin have a higher incidence than others.

    How to prevent prostate cancer?

    The best prevention is to lead a healthy life, with a balanced diet, physical activity and adequate rest, among other care, especially regular preventive evaluations. In general, the precautions shown below are among the main initiatives.

    Eat well

    A good, healthy and balanced diet is the first step to reduce the probability of developing the condition. The effects of each food or nutrient, such as selenium, vitamin E or isoflavones, for example, are not yet clear.

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    Practice physical activities

    The routine practice of physical activities helps maintain a healthy body and less susceptible to diseases. There is no precise indication, but the great effect is to prevent overweight or obesity.

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    Avoid alcoholic beverages

    Alcohol consumption has been linked to a higher incidence of prostate cancer. Meta-analyses in this sense seem to suggest this effect, but there are no definitive confirmations yet.

    Therefore, all care is aimed at building a healthier life, and should also be associated with the practice of preventive tests for early detection of the condition.

    As you can see, it is important to know about neoplasia and to know how to prevent prostate cancer. In particular, early detection tests should be considered the best form of prevention.

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