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New Year’s Eve and Diabetes: 16 tips to enjoy the holidays – Portal Diabetes & Você

    7 tips to prepare perfect meals when you have diabetes

    The end of the year celebrations (Christmas and New Year) are a real invitation to spend a little money on food and drinks, right?

    This holiday season, it’s hard to stick to the same healthy diet every day. We know that overcoming the pitfalls of a lavish table in the company of friends and family, full of sweet and savory delicacies, is a real challenge.

    But The excess at the end of the year can cause a feeling of malaise for a long time!

    If you went overboard late last year and want to make a difference in 2020, here are some guidelines for having a quiet dinner party and keeping your spirits up. quality of life.

    New Year’s Eve and diabetes: have fun safely

    1. Avoid sweets and chocolates from the Diet – THEbeyond They overwhelm the pocket due to their higher price and when consumed in excess can cause diarrhea.
    2. Choose fruits and vegetables – They are rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper functioning of the body. As a suggestion, eat 2 fruits today to feel the benefits.
    3. Opt for baked and grilled foods: Avoid fried foods. Roasted and grilled foods are healthier, help to lose weight or maintain it, prevent the increase in cholesterol and thus reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Choose recipes that give you more quality of life. Click here and discover recipes to further improve your life with diabetes.
    4. Don’t forget to hydrate your body – It is essential for healthy skin and bodily functions. In addition, in summer you have to take care of twice the hydration. The right thing to do is drink 2 liters of water a day, which is equivalent to about 8 glasses.
    5. Treat your liver with dark greens – Dark green vegetables help in the proper functioning of the liver. Take advantage of today’s lunch to choose dark and healthy options.
    6. Don’t be in a hurry to eat When we eat more slowly, we have the opportunity to eat less, in this way, we eat less carbohydrates and thus, blood glucose will be less affected.
    7. Beware of alcohol consumption – This time of year is more pronounced and makes it difficult to maintain or lose weight. Alcoholic beverages are high in calories but lack nutrients, that’s what we call empty calories.
    8. Never drink on an empty stomach – FHave a snack before bed after drinking alcohol to avoid a hypoglycemic crisis.
    9. Moderate your juice intake too – Although many fruits are rich in protein and fiber, some are also loaded with sugars, and you have to be careful with the amount. Moderate your intake of oranges, mangoes, grapes, watermelons, and persimmons, which are rich in nutrients but can also raise blood sugar levels.
    10. Watch out for protein It is also necessary to be aware of the amount of animal protein that is consumed at this time. Protein injections can convert to sugar in the blood and raise glucose levels. Protein worsens kidney failure, which is a common condition for diabetics right now.
    11. Try to do some physical activity after meals. THEinstead of sitting on the sofa in front of the television or with the cell phone in hand posting videos and photos of dinner, practice physical activities. Wash the dishes, help clean and organize the party venue, go for a walk… If you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, physical activity will help you maintain your glucose levels.
    12. Let go of restlessness before going to bed – Oilseeds like walnuts, chestnuts, macadamia nuts, almonds, pistachios, and hazelnuts are great this time of year and make great dinner options. How about eating a Brazil nut before bed?
    13. Have a good night’s sleep – Do not forget to eat after dinner, the so-called “dinner” avoids nocturnal fluctuations in blood glucose. The ideal is to have dinner approximately 30 minutes before going to sleep, this helps in the beginning of digestion before going to sleep. An excellent advice for those who have problems with gastritis, ulcers and reflux.
    14. Check your blood sugar level before bed: Although the routine changes at this time of year, it is important to always measure blood glucose levels before and after eating, controlling the intake of fats and sugars to enjoy the holidays in a healthy and quality way.
    15. Green tea, white tea and black tea help you lose weight Increase metabolic functions. PS When we increase metabolism, our body does not relax to get a good night’s sleep, so avoid it at night.
    16. Take advantage of the new year to start a physical activity – Consult your doctor before starting physical activity. Understanding how it will affect your blood sugar level is critical. Do you want a suggestion? Cycle! The effects of physical activity, for those with diabetes, are very immediate. You can check it on the glucose meter.
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    Celebrating is great, but taking care of your health is even better! Follow these 16 tips and start the year on the right foot! 😉

    Bonus Tip

    A balance diet throughout the year ensures balance and health at the end of the year. The lack of information about food is a very serious problem that bothers many people, especially those with diabetes. And one of the main questions is “What should I eat so that my glucose does not rise?”

    So I tell you that I know exactly what you can eat to keep your glucose levels under control and continue to party in peace. Yes, forget the myth that diabetic food should be bland and tasteless, this is OUT OF DATE. You will see how this is possible in the Digital Book 500 Recipes for Diabeticsby Makallister Reis.

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