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Personal Health Declaration (DPS): when is it needed?

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    The Personal Health Declaration (DPS) is a document that must be presented when purchasing life insurance. This is because it helps to analyze the framework of the contractor and the risks that the company must assume. Thus, it can offer products and services aligned with people’s needs.

    This is possible because in the DPS it is necessary to record information such as the use of medications, current or existing illnesses, medical treatment, etc. After all, life insurance coverage must take this into account when making decisions, for example, whether you are eligible for it and/or whether the plan needs to be limited.

    In many cases, the insured are unaware of these particularities when hiring life insurance. That is why it is important to know more about it from the DPS. Keep reading and stay informed!

    What is the Personal Health Declaration (DPS)?

    As mentioned, the DPS corresponds to documentation with information on the insurer’s health conditions. Usually, the person presents the document in the form of forms, with general and specific questions about the individual’s health.

    These questions include basic and personal data, such as name, address, marital status, CPF, email, telephone, payment method, etc. And, still, questions whose answers are essential for the acceptance of life insurance.

    Thus, if the person omits or lies about something, compensation is compromised. Therefore, respond genuinely so that the life insurance offers you the best contract for you and your relatives included in the plan. The questions have yes or no answers and the possibility of clarification. They imply:

    • withdrawal from professional activities in the last three years;
    • carrier in the last three years of infectious diseases;
    • existence of deficiencies in organs, extremities or senses;
    • bearer of any illness or occupational injury in the last three years;
    • life or personal accident insurance proposal denied in recent years;
    • regular use of medications;
    • practice of radical activities in a professional or amateur way, such as skydiving, free flight and many others;
    • etc.
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    What is the importance of the Personal Health Declaration?

    As can be seen, the DPS is used by life insurance companies to decide if it is worth making a contract with the individual. After all, insurance usually covers a series of health problems, but not all cover pre-existing conditions, for example.

    Therefore, without the analysis carried out by the DPS, it becomes difficult to detect this condition and ensure alignment or customization between the insurance and the insurer. This is because it may not be enough to contract the services of an insurance company that does not meet the demands of the individual.

    That is, DPS is beneficial for both sides. That is, it also serves as a supporting document of what the insurer must cover. Thus, you cannot refuse to pay compensation and other existing expenses agreed in the contract.

    Also, keep in mind that, by completing the Personal Health Declaration, the insured may discover health conditions about himself that he was previously unaware of. This is because it is necessary to provide a lot of information about the health status of each one. Then you have to run a series of tests to identify pre-existing conditions, for example.

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    What happens if there is a lie or omission in the Personal Health Statement?

    As you may have noticed, there are consequences for incorrect or omitted information in the DPS. After all, these answers are essential for insurance companies to provide a plan and price for the individual.

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    Therefore, if the lie is proven and the insured has a more critical risk assessment than the one presented, there are consequences. The main one is the loss of rights related to insurance. Therefore, it is essential to answer the document in a genuine way and take tests to make sure that the answers are really true.

    However, according to score sheet 609, the denial of life insurance coverage may be illegal in some cases. For example, if the company does not require the presentation of medical examinations to prove the absence of pre-existing diseases.

    In situations like this or similar, it is necessary for the insured to seek a professional to analyze the situation. In this way, it is possible that the insurer’s decision is challenged before the Judiciary and the latter has the right to receive the insured compensation. However, the term to appeal to the courts is a maximum of one year.

    In what situations is DPS necessary?

    As can be seen, the DPS is essential for contracting life insurance. However, not all health benefits require this document. For example, many dental plans do not have a DPS requirement in their contracting rules. Therefore, it is important to be aware of this information.

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    What to take into account when taking out life insurance?

    You will have already noticed that there are many details to analyze when hiring life insurance. Doing so avoids frustrations and misalignments with the contract. So follow the tips below!

    Set your life insurance goal

    Life insurance can be useful to compensate your family in case of death. But in addition, it also serves as protection in case of serious accidents or the future discovery of serious diseases such as diabetes. Your choice of insurance should define your approach.

    Define who will be the beneficiaries of the life insurance

    Keeping this definition in mind, you can choose the insurance plan that best aligns with your demands. After all, you need to make sure that all beneficiaries’ health problems are covered. In this regard, know that you do not need to be a legal heir.

    woman with diabetes checking her blood sugar

    Analyze the profile of the insurer

    The insurance company must have a good reputation and financial backing to keep you out of trouble when you need it most. In addition, it must be regularized by Susep, which is in charge of overseeing the sector.

    Were you able to understand the operation of the Personal Health Declaration (DPS) and its relationship with life insurance? This discovery helps you fill out the most reputable document and seek your rights, if necessary, for better coverage.


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