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    There are some precautions that need to be intensified by those who have diabetes and weight training, such as physical activity, can be considered one of them. Of course, before starting to lift weights and do isometric exercises, it is necessary to consult the doctor responsible for monitoring diabetes. He will define which physical activity is the most advisable. He will also define the intensity and regularity in which it will be performed.

    After that, it’s time to look for a physical education professional. He will be responsible for developing and monitoring a specific exercise sequence for the person. He will also consider their goals and a healthy evolution line for physical conditioning.

    It is true that not everyone loves to do weight training, others think that it can change the shape of their body in a negative way or, simply, they prefer to run away from it, right? But you have to give your practice a chance. This is especially if the benefits that we have listed in this post come into your account. Check out!

    Contributes to the reduction of blood glucose level

    One of the reasons people with diabetes do not exercise is the fear of uncontrolled glycemic at the time of activity (hypo or hyperglycemia). But, when weight training or any other physical activity is well oriented and monitored, the results are incredible. This includes reduction of blood glucose level in the long term.

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    For this, it is necessary to take some precautions, such as measuring blood glucose before starting any workout. If it is below 100 mg/dl, the ideal is to have a small healthy snack so that blood glucose remains stable during activity. Above 300 mg / dl, however, it is better to take the day to rest. This is because when performing physical activities with hyperglycemia, there is a risk of production of ketones in the blood.

    It turns out that, during the anaerobic activities that make up bodybuilding, calcium channels in the muscle are activate, which triggers a process that expresses the insulin receptor. In other words, exercise makes it easier for glucose to enter cells, preventing it from accumulating in the blood.

    Improves cardiac performance

    Weight training also increases VO2, which is an index that calculates oxygen consumption in a given activity. The higher this indicator, the better the person’s aerobic capacity. Obviously, it works best in aerobic activities, but anaerobic exercises also promote its improvement. This is more advisable for people with diabetes, as they can be monitore more easily. It is important to remember that VO2 depends on three systems: pulmonary, cardiac and circulatory. Thus, improving your index, your benefits will be notice in all of them.

    Helps in weight control

    Weight training also provides an increase in lean mass and localized fat burning. This helps to control the weight of its practitioners. This point is very important for the care of type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes, since they are conditions that develop from the individual’s habits and behaviors, such as pancreatic overload and the consumption of inappropriate foods, which end up increasing weight.

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    Practicing bodybuilding regularly and doing the proper medical monitoring, weight loss will be one of the perceived benefits. Being within a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) is essential not only for diabetes care, but also for controlling other factors of good health, such as the risks that obesity can bring, strokes etc.

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    Improvement in cholesterol

    People with diabetes are generally at high risk of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, controlling cholesterol, especially the so-called LDL, is essential. To be clear, cholesterol is a fat existing in the body and is very important for its proper functioning. Therefore, it has a part produced by the liver and the other, received through the digestion of food.

    The big question is that our body needs a very low level of cholesterol to perform its functions. The rest of the cholesterol starts to accumulate in the walls of the arteries, hindering or inhibiting their functions. To make the situation with the red alert even more activated, diabetes also hinders the action of cholesterol in the body. This can increases its chances of accumulation due to lack of use.

    With weight training, blood circulation is increase, making blood flow intense and persistent. In this way, the risk of cholesterol accumulation is considerably reduce. In fact, this is one of the reasons why it is a regular practice , and not just from time to time. You need to maintain that powerful blood flow constantly.


    Helps to create good habits and provide quality of life

    Healthy lifestyle on ketogenic diet. Eating clean keto food with aerobic body exercise. Gym workout training class. Weight scale and sports shoes in fitness center

    Starting to practice sports and seeing physical and conditioning results is extremely pleasurable. in addition to that, most of the time it arouse pride in people and the desire to do more and better. In other cases, it also makes people who like physical activity less to avoid throwing away all the effort they’ve put in so far, doesn’t it?

    Whatever the thought, it’s a fact that increasing strength, seeing what you’re capable of.  Things like losing weight and everything else helps its practitioners create good habits that increase their quality of life.

    Gradually, awareness related to good nutrition will not be a sacrifice, but a pleasure that can be perceived in better performances at the gym, on the beach or wherever the person practices their physical exercises. In short, there’s a good chance that bodybuilding aversion will become a lifelong passion.

    You can already see that the relationship between diabetes and bodybuilding also brings results in the motivational aspect, right? Because some people who felt depressed about the health control they needed to exercise or guilty about the old habits that led to pre-diabetes, for example, understand that they can achieve goals and perform activities like this without fuss.

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